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Dr. Stephan Kaiser, veterinary practice at Erzberg

Vicano OrthoHyl HA

“In our veterinarian practice of surgery and radiology we have many patients with Vicano OrthoHyl HA Dog find particularly good support of joint metabolism. At first I was very critical when it came to the products of VetVital. The treatment of our own dog (14-year-old great Dane-mix!!), however, has convinced me completely. Vicano OrthoHyl HA Dog reached what the whole range of anti-inflammatory drugs failed. Every day we see success!”

Dr. Krieg, veterinary specialist for horses in Munich

Viequo products

“In our practice, we often use the Viequo products as a flanking therapy. In particular in orthopedic patients, the use of Viequo Joint Flex Liquid and Viequo OrthoHyl HA is very successful. Viequo Powerbol Plus is used for muscular support in chiropractic patients with great success “

Dr. Björn Nolting, Equine Clinic Leichlingen

Viequo product range

“The entire Viequo product range has been one of our standard range of companion products. The Viequo products are characterized by their excellent quality and high acceptance perfectly. Also for international tournaments such as the Olympics, we could use Viequo OrthoHyl HA and Viequo Immuno Power successfully.”

Dr. Uta Ostermann, Welver

Vicano Neurocalm

“Of course we use Vicano Neurocalm in universally known stressful situations such as New Year’s Eve, travel, etc. But above all, we have had very good experiences with the use in dog training schools. The dogs are not as nervous and distracted and can better focus on their exercises.”

Dr. K. Weitkamp, Olympic Team veterinarian Military, veterinary clinic for horses in Telgte

Viequo OrthoHyl HA and Viequo Joint Flex Liquid

“Since I treat mainly orthopedic patients Viequo OrthoHyl HA and Viequo Joint Flex Liquid are very often used. I am convinced of the positive effect because a good response from the horse owners is coming.”

Dr. Björn Nolting, Equine Clinic Leichlingen

Viequo Calm Positiv

“After 2 days we have seen a significant improvement in dealing with our patients! The handling of young, nervous and stressed horses is much easier for the vet, horse riders and nurses in critical situations. ” Viequo Calm Positiv” promotes balance, serenity and relaxation of your horse. It is an ideal companion in the postoperative resting and construction phase, and for the time of breaking young horses.”