Natural, stress-free through the holidays

Only one more week, then the Christmas holidays and New Years Eve begin.

Already now in the pre- Christmas period for the most of us starts the stress.

Christmas presents must be bought, Christmas Eve, the holidays and New Years Eve are planned with family and friends.

This stress leaves its mark also on most of our four-legged friends.

The entire extended family comes to visit, or you make the way off to visit the family over the holidays.

This provides for many of our four- legged friends, unfamiliar situations and can lead to unaccustomed stress.

We  put together a few useful tips, so that also your Favorite is as stress-free as possible through the holidays and into the new year and that he can enjoy this beautiful time with you together.


Natural, stress-free through the holidays – our tips for dog and owner:


Keep calm:

Even if the holiday stress bothers you, you should try to remain calm.

Dogs are very sensitive and stress can be transferred quickly to your favorite.

Provide havens:

Most dogs have a favorite place in their home.

Make sure that it is always open for him so that he can withdraw any time from the hustle and bustle around Christmas and New Year`s Eve himself.


Be also generously to your four- legged friend over the holidays.

Pamper him quietly with a few treats, chew bones or sausage.

We approve about the holidays, too, the one or more other cookies, so why should we not treat our beloved ones the same.

This will improve his mood and also be a good distraction or activity, if it is noisy or out bangs.

Chewing and swallowing soothes and helps to keep confusion, skepticism and fear as long as possible in check.

Kept on a leash:

Already one or two days before New Year’s Eve and often even later, Pops are ignited.

At this time, you should leave your dog when walking on a leash for safety’s sake. That gives him security, because even if your favorite has so far been really fearless, he might be frightened suddenly and flee in panic, when directly around him a blast starts.

Give safety:

Do not leave your dog home alone.

If your dog is very sensitive to the sounds of New Year’s Eve, close all windows, let down the shutters and the radio or the TV run, in order to mitigate the stimuli as well as possible from outside.

For those times you need to leave your dog alone in these days, turn him on the radio or television. The sounds helps to attenuate the scattered popping out.

Deflecting / Engage

Play with him his favorite games and occupy him with searching and collecting. This will relax him and makes fun.


Tranquillisation with helpers from nature:

If nothing helps, nature offers a number of soothing herbs for dogs.

Special herbal ingredients from herbal extracts for example Valerian, Passionflower and St. John’s wort in combination with magnesium and tryptophan can have a high calming, relaxing and anxiolytic effect on your dog. In order for these herbs to unfold their effect on the body of your dog, you should already begin to feed your dog. Ask your veterinarian!