A natural and strong immune system

Little pony with a dog standing under umbrella in a rainy day

A decisive factor for the health of our animals is, as with us humans, a well-functioning immune system. Especially in autumn and winter several pathogens such as bacteria, viruses or mycosis attack our animals. An animal with a strong immune system can fight pathogens on their own.

Negative environmental factors such as lack of exercise, lack of light, poor stall housing conditions, stress, exposure to too many medications or malnutrition weaken the immune system. Particularly sick and older animals need a support of their body’s immune defense. But even healthy animals benefit from a strengthening of the immune system to prevent diseases.

In addition to the adequate supply of vitamins and trace elements , which the body can not form themselve, natural herbal and plant extracts can boost the immune system.


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Echinacea is known as a medical plant and is used today because of its immunostimulatory properties to assist in the fight against infections.



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Ginseng affects the cardiovascular system positively and prevents, due to the immunomodulatory effect, infectious diseases.




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Rockrose is recommended for strengthening the immune system and may help in supportive antibacterial and antiviral therapies.