The right care for my mare and foal

For a good start and a healthy development!




The correct supply of nutrients and trace elements in pregnant and lactating mares is extremely important. The organism of the mare is particularly stressed in many aspects and the body needs to work for “two”.


Above all, …

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This is why a liver cure is advisable for dogs


The liver performs many different, very complex tasks of the metabolism and is one of the major organs in the animal body . An important task of the liver is the storage of sugar (glucose) and in the regulation of

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When horses are afraid…


Horses and humans react in situations, that make them fear, completely different which can lead to major misunderstandings  that often reinforce the fear.

We should take responsibility in such anxiety situations, because we are responsible for our horse. We should

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A natural and strong immune system

Little pony with a dog standing under umbrella in a rainy day

A decisive factor for the health of our animals is, as with us humans, a well-functioning immune system. Especially in autumn and winter several pathogens such as bacteria, viruses or mycosis attack our animals. An animal with a strong immune …

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More quality of Life for older horses!

Did you know, that...






Trends in horseownership have changed and the demographics of the population have reflected a tendency to keep horses into old age. There is no doubt that the number of old horese is increasing.

>> appr. 25%

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Think outside the box

With Broccoli ingredients against cancer

Hund Teller

A cancer therapy means today in the narrower sense, the three known pillars of surgical removal of the tumor, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. However, in the broader sense cancer therapy means also soothing and supportive measures . Especially targeted immune support

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Strengthen the nerves with proven helpers from nature



When coping with fear in training the interaction between horse and rider plays a major role. Often a vicious circle is formed : The horse is afraid – the rider reacts unsettled- the horse responds even more nervous … …

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Natural, stress-free through the holidays

Only one more week, then the Christmas holidays and New Years Eve begin.

Already now in the pre- Christmas period for the most of us starts the stress.

Christmas presents must be bought, Christmas Eve, the holidays and New Years …

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Naturally fit trough the winter!

in den winter


Now it starts again, the gray, changeable season. Typical „british“ winters are wet, cold , cloudy

with ever- changing temperatures, who gets to the owners and horses.


For my horse that often means:

-> Stabling

-> less movement…

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Vital Joints with Hyaluronic Acid!

What is Hyaluronic Acid?

>> Hyaluronic Acid is the main component of synovial fluid (synovial fluid)

>> Hyaluronic Acid acts as a buffer in joints

>> Hyaluronic Acid forms the basic framework for the formation of important cartilage components

>> …

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