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The well-being of your animal is our motivation!

The VetVital GmbH is an established company in the field of veterinary medicine. The primary focus is on the development, manufacture and sale of Natural Supplements (Viequo, Vicano, Vifelo – registered trademarks) for animals. The VetVital GmbH was founded in 2001. Our corporate goal is to meet the ever-increasing demand for high-quality feed supplements and to ensure the highest possible level of customer satisfaction. The composition and liquid formulation of the products are especially adapted to the individual needs of your animal and are the result of intensive research and experience. We keep up to date with current research findings and general innovations to guarantee the manufacture and sale of high quality modern products. This concept of continuous development gives you the assurance that you have made a good choice for your animal and provides your pet the best possible care and protection against the risks they face from daily environmental influences. In order to ensure a high level of expertise and professional advice, the distribution of our products is exclusively through experienced and professionally trained sales channels! Designed for our animals, loved by yours. The well-being of your animal is our motivation!